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Buy your concert ticket + 2 € and access to exhibition in the evening of the concert.

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Thursday 22.06.17 - Sunday 20.08.17

Do you like to go to a nice concert or an interesting exhibition once in a while? 

Then, we might have an ultra-sunny proposition for you:

Come discover our exhibition ‘Fabulous Failures’ in the summer months, thanks to Les Nuits!

Buy a ticket for whichever concert from Les Nuits 2017 you like, keep it and come to our exhibition. You’ll get in for 2 euro (instead of 5,5 euro) and you’ll be able to enjoy the exhibition as well as the sun on our terrace.



*Muzex: on the day of your chosen concert, you’ll be able to visit the current exhibition for only 2 euro during the the rest of the year as well.