Hits of Sunshine (sun blue) (c) Dries Segers, 2017

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Thursday 22.06.17 - Sunday 23.07.17

With Hits of Sunshine, young photographer Dries Segers leads us into the poetic confines of film photography, a face-off between real shots and cosmic illusions.

An earlier work, Seeing a Rainbow (2015) was an offbeat announcement of his predilection for the decomposition of colour and light. Behind washed out carpets, bruises or oil patches, he finds the most unexpected rainbows in the mundane.

The discovery of unrecognisable images in his own negatives then revealed an unsuspected site to his own creations, an involuntary corpus of work that questions both the concept of the author and the limits of the photograph. Intrigued by their innate aleatory aesthetic, he brought these unconscious images together in a series titled Undecided Photographs which was shown at the Fabulous Failures exhibition, and his subsequent direction was broadly open to the exploration of the medium of photography. With the following series, Black Body, he worked directly on the photosensitive film, making alterations, burns and heat variations which take shape after printing, in abstract and almost pictorial chromatic forms.

For his solo exhibition ground in the Botanique Gallery, Dries Segers is reconnecting with the use of the camera while continuing with his experiments, rather like the sorcerer’s apprentice. Having decided to let the sunlight strike his film, he plays around with his lens and opts for long exposures. It’s then up to the magic to work. The trace of the path followed by the sun is revealed in spectral and coloured epiphanies and produces almost unreal images, like something from another planet.

Dries Segers (1990), lives and works in Antwerp.

Graduating from Sint Lukas, Brussels in 2013 with a masters in visual and photographic arts, his work has been shown on several occasions in personal and collective exhibitions including Bozar (canvas collection 2008), at the Antwerp Fotomuseum (Braakland, 2016), at Brakke Grond in Amsterdam (.tiff, programme for the Unseen festival, 2015), and at the CultuurCentrumMerksem (What is behind that curtain? 2017).

He is also author of the photographic work Seeing a rainbow, published by De Warande in 2015.

With Seeing a Rainbow, he has been part of the .tiff selection, reviewed by the Antwerp Fotomuseum in 2015 and has worked regularly since 2008 for the press, in particular for De Standaard, Weekend Knack, De Morgen and Canvas.